Delhi World Public School system is aimed at developing confident, well rounded students with capabilities and spirit to reach for the stars. The curriculum provides a rich variety of co-curricular activities which we consider not extra but an ESSENTIAL part of a child’s education.

These include Indian dance, Western dance, Indian music, Western music, Yoga, Drama, Debating, Elocution, Art, Football, Basketball amongst many others.

All the extracurricular activities are taught by experts in their fields and, from time to time, visiting professionals will provide valuable inputs in their specialization.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES : At Delhi World Public School, we commemorate every national occasion and celebrate every religion and festival to infuse students with a strong national and cultural spirit.
From Independence Day to Karnataka Rajyotsava Day, from Diwali to Christmas, children experience the rich diversity in our country, preparing them to be truly Indian citizens.

THEMATIC ACTIIVITIES : Each month, a week is dedicated to a theme like Science Week, Library Week, International Peace Week, Roald Dahl’s week, Literary week etc. This has been incorporated to include and involve the students in activities that go beyond the text book and classroom.

MUSIC AND DANCE: We provide facilities to students for self-expression via music and dance. Students who want to seriously sing or play an instrument or learn formal dance.
Students are encouraged to demonstrate at annual school performance.

ART AND CRAFT: In addition to drawing and painting, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of crafts including pottery, handmade paper, recycling of paper, cotton spinning, weaving and culture.

VISUAL ART AND SCULPTURE: In addition to drawing and painting, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of crafts including pottery.

ELOCUTION: Each month, the students are given topics to present prepared speeches to nurture their communication skills, public speaking, and leadership skills

FOOTBALL: Professionally trained football coach takes the classes for students from kindergarten to high school.

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